Recommendation Watches for Summer

Recommendation Watches for Summer

In the hot summer, the clothes are refreshing. Watch becomes an important accessory. What should I pay attention to when wearing a watch in summer? How to choose a watch that suits you? Casio G-SHOCK has excellent characteristics, but it is not suitable for all places. Although Applewatch can not be faulty in terms of characteristics, but its design is single. The chance of collision is extremely high. A perfect watch suits both casual and formal situation.

Today, I strongly recommend several men’s watches which are attractive, elegant and inexpensive.


The editor has always liked casio watches australia. Just recently, Shawn Yue, who is worth more than 100 million yuan, also revealed the watches he is wearing recently. Anyone who knows him knows that his Rolex watches are piled up on a hill, and even some old antique models are priceless in the market. This old wet machine in the “watch world” actually brings Casio?

AE-1200WHD series products
The upper left corner is the simulation analog hand, and the upper right corner is the world scene. The time area below will continue to display the information time and week, 100 meters moisture-proof.

MW-59 series products
Convention, finally strongly recommend a contrast cute. Afterwards, the pursuit of perfection, simplicity and elegance is not only TIMEX, but Casio’s MW-59 series can satisfy you. The case is not big, but people with thick arms feel offended. There are two colors of black and white, also divided into data and bar version. The information time is displayed in the small circle on the right, which is suitable for 50 meters water resistance. Well, that’s all it does.


If you are a distinguished and elegant talent, and you also love retro fashion, then I strongly recommend you to choose KOMONO watches.
KOMONO is a well-known brand that comes from Denmark’s fashion trend. The price is around RMB 800. Although the price is not high, this price can buy a watch with better quality than it. But KOMONO’s high appearance on the surface is filled with a strong retro fashion taste. The simple, crisp and neat case design is matched with a gentle leather strap. The styling design is extremely eye-protecting, and it is immediately presented when wearing a gentleman style. It is also often seen on foreign social platforms for fashion street shooting. No matter what design style clothes are matched, they are very harmonious and outstanding. (Audemars Piguet), an original brand of Swiss watches, was founded in 1992, focusing on simple art aesthetics and functionalism, simple but not artificial, with the assumption that the wearer generates trends but tastes precise watches. Abart’s main product watches have a variety of styles. The design concept is dominated by the new British style. In addition to inheriting the elegant atmosphere of the traditional British style, it also incorporates a large number of interesting key points, such as color matching, patchwork, and matching. Reverse and elegant, it is especially suitable for young people in modern cities, presenting contemporary fashion aura. In terms of technical expertise, abart is the only well-known watch brand that closely combines French minimalist Bauhaus style with French top watch processing technology. It uses Swiss movements and sapphire glass. The price range is the same as 2000 Yuan RMB up and down.


TID is an interior designer watch brand created in London in 2012. Very much, “TID” means “time” in Swedish. Although this watch is not fancy, it can catch the eyes of others in the first second. Unlike ordinary watches, its crown is on the left, and it also has fixed lugs. The laminated glass mirror glass is made of hemispherical sapphire glass. The case is two-layered, and the middle part is dented, which looks very layered. A whole watch has an aura of returning to simplicity and realism. It feels very strong. With it, you are a beautiful and powerful modern urban boy.

Jacob Jensen

JacobJensen is a Dutch watch brand and attaches great importance to the explanation of exquisite life. This is a perfect watch with a Nordic style. Each watch has its own watch number, and it has also won the red dot design award. Walking on the street will never hit the watch with people. Whether it is matched with sportswear or suits, it is very characteristic. The design style of light industrial product design allows the wearer to have a simple and elegant aura.


Timex, which was founded in 1854, has a history of 163 years so far. Because of its technical expertise in table making and its fashionable appearance, it has many audiences in countries all over the world, which also promotes it. It became the second largest watch brand in the UK after Hamilton. Because many leading cadres in the United Kingdom love to wear Timex watches, such as the American Internet slogans Obama, George Bush, Nixon, etc., it is also called the “Timex always worn by the prime minister.” In addition to the exterior air, Timex watches are not weak in versatility. It is the first time to apply the Fluorescent system software to a watch. Not only does it show the time, but it can also be used as a special tool for lighting fixtures at night, making it convenient to produce meaningful things. Similar to DW, TIMEX is not psychologically nervous in the announcement place. Among them, the colorful polyester bracelet is matched with the metal case, which brings fresh and natural leisure into the sense of leisure and entertainment.

Stock Watches

It is a watch brand from Melbourne, Australia, designed by watch enthusiast David Tatangelo. It’s so simple that it doesn’t even have a well-known brand logo. There are more than 10 different styles, most of which are the difference between the color of the bracelet and the case. The 36mm case is suitable for men and women, using the French “Ronda763” quartz movement; the design of the lugs is a bit like Nomos; in a word, it is really beautiful. Each one is very good-looking; especially the orange hands are simple and cheerful. The appearance is very tall, and the unpopular ones are not easy to hit. The simple model is very easy to match, and the 36mm case is especially suitable for men and women.