Nordic Style of Decoration

Nordic Style of Decoration

It’s too sloppy to match colors only from the three aspects of floor tiles, walls and furniture. Let’s know more about Nordic Style. Northern Europe refers to countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, which are distant from the centre of Europe. People in Nordic countries advocate simplicity and don’t use classical patterns. The lines are mainly straight lines without complicated pattern surface decoration.


Color Of Nordic Style

In fact, northern Europe isn’t necessarily black and white grey plus wood color, but black and white grey can better reflect the feel of wood color furniture. But the utilization of Nordic colors must be utilized in large blocks, one wall, the entire house, and therefore the whole door.


Highlight The Feel Of Wood

Northern Europe is sparsely populated, and therefore the output/ of wood is large. It’s reasonable to use tons of wood to embellish the family, but combined with the present , the entire set or large pieces of wood is extremely expensive, so we must take excellent care of it the utilization of current materials, OSB board, simulation veneer are often considered.



It must be clear that northern Europe may be a representative of minimalism. Don’t overdo it and mismatch it. If you’ve got tons of ideas, don’t roll in the hay in Scandinavian style.



Case 1)

Grey vinyl flooring tiles and therefore the wall is white and partly green. Most of the furniture are wood color with fabric. There’s a white custom cabinet.

In terms of the colour matching of this case, I still just like the partial green with higher chromaticity. The wood furniture within the entire space is matched with the most white color, which provides me a somewhat monotonous feeling. The partial color wall and later stage The soft fittings add luster to the space. If you wish to use wallpaper, you’ll consider solid colors, and you’ll consider simple textures for the partial walls of the toilet or kitchen. 


Case 2)

Beige wall with grey floor. Except a gray sofa and a white custom cabinet, all the furniture are ash wood.

The wooden texture of the furniture is more elegant, calm and unassuming. The dark grey sofa with yellow chairs and pillows can obviously activate the space. The entire space is warmer, very comfortable and warm. The TV background wall is directly boarded on the wall, the general effect is additionally excellent , you’ll learn from this design if you wish . You’ll attempt to attend the wallpaper shop to urge some sample for matching. There’s a sort of likes called likes, and a sort of companionship is named attention. Sharing makes people happy, and discussion is effective . We welcome continued additions with different opinions.


After understanding these, the grey floor and wallpaper of your home are often considered as light grey and white top, this color ladder from bottom to top. For a hotter feeling, you’ll choose beige because the wallpaper. The furniture should be mainly white, and white can highlight the contrast with the wall and therefore the ground and highlight the furniture itself. Or light wood color, also possible. But not an equivalent half. What color furniture is employed , attempt to unify the colour the maximum amount as possible.